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We Are Just Eat Local

For twenty years the team behind Bittercreek Alehouse, Red Feather Lounge, and Diablo & Sons Saloon contributed to the story of Boise through thoughtful food, good beverage, and great people.

Over time, we refined our approach by producing articles, videos, photos, and more; emphasizing locally-sourced food, craft drinks, the culture in the kitchen and on the farm, and everything in-between.

Along the way we continue to forge as many meaningful connections as possible to bring our patrons and readers closer to those who make the community in culture what it is.

Thank you.


We Do Things Different


Currently half of our food comes from direct sources, both local and regional. Although we are not 100% locally sourced our goal is to work closely with local farms and family run businesses.


We look to minimize packaging and food waste with our recycling program, including the reuse of glass bottles, the packages we receive goods in, and the use of vermicomposting (we have a worm farm!) to handle clean organic waste.


We are working toward reducing our energy / utility use by 10% per year – net zero. We have practices and procedures designed to minimize the use of Water, Gas and Electric in our operations.


Every person in this business, represents our highest valued asset, our biggest investment, and our highest concern. As we focus on our pursuits, our priority is to employ as many people as possible and to improve the conditions of all through the advancement of our work with better wages and working conditions.

Why You Should Work For Just Eat Local

Living Wage

We focus on paying our employees a living wage including dynamic wage enhancements that reward cooks for working nights and weekends


We believe that your work should take care of you. We offer insurance benefits and a transportation package.


We care about how work impacts our community and pride ourselves on being the cultural torchbearers for the city.


We promote a collaborative work environment where the relationship between food & culture is honored in the work we do.

Join Our Team!